Young Money Makers MFCU Interview

Erin Winters from the Michigan First Credit Union Young & Free team stopped by our studio to receive a hand massage and ask us a few questions about becoming young entrepreneurs. We had such a good time chatting with her, and telling her all about what it took to begin our business.

Creating Niasoma Bodywork has been an exciting journey. Reliving the earliest days, thinking about what got us here in the first place, and considering how we achieve everything necessary made for excellent conversation with Erin. Check out the video and share our story with your friends and family!

How Did It All Start?
We had been talking about opening our own studio since we graduated from IMI and when we decided to start truly working on it, we quickly realized we had a lot of fun (no really guys, fun!) work ahead of us. We chose our business name, we set goals, we came up with our mission and values. We began writing our business plan and operators agreement. We spoke to banks, accountants, lawyers, and took full advantage of the information provides. We applied for grants, we opened accounts, and we got a realtor. All at once, it seems like a scary, huge undertaking to open your own business, but if you divide your goals and to-dos into bite sized pieces and take it one step at at time, it becomes possible.

After finding our perfect studio, it was time to shop! An enormous thanks to our GoFundMe supporters. It is because of your generosity and faith in us that we could create a therapeutic, relaxing safe space for our guests that is unique from many other massage studios. Thank you, GFM supporters, for contributing to our dream, and helping make it a reality.

We owe another special thank you to our family and friends who have always remained positive influences in our life, and who made themselves abundantly available when we needed them. Cassie's dad built the beautiful reception desk by hand that greets each of our guests. Both of our significant others powered through decorating and setting up our space, helping us with our logo and design, editing page after page of Business Plan, blog and social media post, and who gracefully caught everything else we threw at them. Our wildly talented friends helped us by explaining legalities, the importance of SEO, and all of the other things we had no idea how to do before them, thank you.

Niasoma Bodywork will continue to grow and evolve, and we're excited that you're along for the ride. Thank you to all of our clients - you mean the world to us, and we're so happy to serve you.