The therapists are kind and professional. They encourage you to let them know your issues so they can best address them. I have found myself feeling more relaxed after starting regular massage through Niasoma. I have also found that normal aches, pains, and soreness I used to experience from my daily life have practically vanished. I recommend Niasoma to anyone who deals with chronic pain, injuries, or is just in need of stress relief.
— Charles M

Revive Form.
Revitalize Function.

The Massage Therapists are dedicated to accomplishing your bodywork goals.

Regular massage can help you:

  • Recover from injuries and trauma
  • Alleviate painful knots and tension
  • Reduce stress and encourage restful sleep
  • Ease symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reduce migraines and headaches
  • Address postural imbalances
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve workout recovery
  • and so much more!

What sets Niasoma apart?

Our focus is on the physical and emotional value of bodywork. Unlike other chain spas who rush your experience and use the same routine techniques on each guest, we tailor every visit to each unique individual and his/her needs that day. We take the time to get to know you, without deducting from your treatment time, so that we can assess your long-term goals and urgent needs.

Many massage chains and independent studios advertise deeply discounted introductory prices, and raise the price of subsequent sessions to hard-sell you a pre-paid membership. At Niasoma, we have a different philosophy. To maintain the benefits of your sessions, regularly scheduled massage should be integrated into your health routine. We help make this commitment to yourself easier, by offering an unlimited $10 discount each time your massage is within 30 days of your last. There is no paperwork to sign, no up-front cost and no fine-print. This Treatment & Maintenance Promise is our contribution to reaching your bodywork goals.


Offer chair massage in your office or at your next party! Fill out the form below for a quote.

Hire Niasoma for your next get together!  Chair massage is a perfect addition to bachelorette, birthday, or, senior all-night parties!

Offices small and large can benefit from scheduling chair massage events for their employees. 

  • Employees receiving regular on-site massage are more alert, focused, and productive
  • Attract and retain talent with this reasonable benefit
  • Reduce worker's comp claims by treating and preventing overuse injuries like neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis
  • Relieve stress and headaches
  • Improve office morale

We can accommodate 6 to 60 guests.

Choose between 10, 15, or 25 minute sessions per guest.