Six Things Your Therapist Wants You to Know

Six Things Your Therapist Wants You to Know

  1. Do not stress over unshaven hair, stretch marks, size, or that mole you think is weird. We work on all shapes, sizes, imperfections, so don't sweat it. Know that our space is safe and comfortable, you can unload any negative thoughts at the door, we love you, and it’s time to treat yourself!

  2. Along the same line, noises are bound to happen and are usually a compliment. As your body relaxes, your nervous system enters parasympathetic mode, allowing your body to rest and digest. Snoring and stomach rumbles let us know that you are truly relaxed, occasionally someone will pass gas. It’s all completely normal, and nothing to be embarrassed about.

  3. Things you should always let us know about: funguses, warts, contagious illnesses, even a cold. A cold or flu can even become worse from a massage during the initial days of the illness.

  4. Be sure to tell us if you are pregnant, we’ll ask for more information, and adjust some techniques for the best and safest massage.

  5. For permanent results, you will need to take responsibility for healing your body. We only get to see you for a short amount of time, sometimes with long periods between visits. We may give you gentle stretches or exercises to help correct your posture, or ask you to pay closer attention to your daily habits. Over time, you'll become more aware of how your body moves, and be able to contribute that much more to making your massages the most effective. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, or read on to find out more about self-care.

  6. We are not masseuses. While we realize it is a common term and you probably don't intend offense, it does have negative connotations. We are educated, respectful, follow our legal responsibilities, and we’ve worked hard to earn our title Licensed Massage Therapist or, if you want to really impress your friends and therapist, Myomassologist!