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Massage Services at Niasoma Bodywork

Table Massage


60m $70  /  90m $100  /  120m $130
Often referred to as Deep Tissue Massage. This focused work alleviates muscular discomforts by utilizing trigger point therapy, reciprocal inhibition, active resistive stretching, and more. Therapeutic massage alleviates soreness and corrects disfunction caused by overuse, poor posture, and exercise.


60m $70  /  90m $100  /  120m $130
Transcend into tranquillity using deep breathing techniques combined with slow gliding and kneading strokes. Relaxation Massage is helpful in relieving symptoms of anxiety, mild depression and stress by reducing stress hormones, boosting mood, and allowing the mind to rest.


60m $70  /  90m $100  /  120m $130
A truly relaxing experience for moms to be while working on discomforts associated with pregnancy. Performed side-lying surrounded by pillows. Safe in all three trimesters, we recommend a 90 minute session for best results.


60m $70  /  90m $100  /  120m $130
Client interactive bodywork using compression, joint mobility, active resistive techniques, and stretching. Ideal for increasing range of motion, and optimizing performance for event days such as marathons or competitions. Performed clothed - wear comfortable, mobile clothing.



60m $85  /  90m $115  /  120m $145
Often referred to as Thai Yoga Massage, this technique is excellent for combating stiffness and sluggishness. Thai Massage incorporates rhythmic compressions with assisted yoga poses to stimulate the body's sen lines, generating energy. Performed clothed on a specially designed floor mat, please wear comfortable and mobile clothing. A 90 minute session is suggested for best results.


30m $40
Pressure to specific points on hands or feet that correspond to tissues and organs in the body. Alleviates disfunction, corrects energy flow, and improves general health of related organ or tissue.

Paraffin Treatment

30m Hands or Feet $40 / 45m Hands and Feet $60
Hands and/or feet will be dipped into heated paraffin wax followed by a relaxing hand and/or foot massage. Paraffin wax reduces pain by relaxing muscles and relieving stiffness in the joints.  Circulation is increased, promoting the tissue’s own healing abilities. Ideal between arthritis flare-ups.

Short on Time?

30m Focus

30m $35
Thirty minutes to focus on specific issues. May utilize relaxation and/or therapeutic techniques. Perfect to schedule between full sessions, or to focus on one discomfort or area of the body: Back, neck, headaches, wrists and hands, TMJD, plantar fasciitis.


15 $15 / 25m $25
Massage performed clothed in a specially designed chair. Excellent if you are short on time and need focused work. Relaxation and therapeutic techniques are combined depending on area of focus.

Essential Oils, Hot Stones, Pain Relief at Niasoma Bodywork

Essential Oils

Essential oils are added to your massage lotion/oil, and also used aromatically during your session. Niasoma currently offers 6 options which may be used as single oils or blended together. Lemon, Tangerine, Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass.

See our blog on essential oils for more information on what each does, and some of our favorite blends.

Topical Pain Relief

Biofreeze, Tiger Balm, or Sombra are massaged into particularly tense areas to provide additional pain relief, and deeper access to muscles. Ask your therapist which is best for your concerns.

Hot Stones

Water warmed stones are incorporated into massage using gentle gliding strokes and selective placement. Integrating hot stones promotes deep relaxation and warms tissues, allowing greater access to deeper muscles.  We suggest a 90 minute session for best results.

Paraffin Wax

Hands or Feet $15
Hands and Feet $25
Add a paraffin dip to your 60, 90, 120 minute massage.  Dipping hands and/or feet into heated paraffin wax reduces pain by relaxing muscles and relieving stiffness in the joints.  Circulation is increased, promoting the tissue’s own healing abilities.

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