What Does Niasoma Mean?

It all began with ‘nea soma’, which means new body. This idea sprouted from our goal to assist you in rebuilding your body to alleviate pain, recover from injury, increase flexibility, and develop mind-body awareness. We want to transform your day-to-day living.  
We knit the words together, changed the spelling, and ‘nea soma’ became Niasoma. It felt like fate! While researching this idea, we discovered that Niasoma is a species of moth, and thus our logo was born. The moth undergoes a transformation into newfound physical freedom, exactly what we hope for and strive towards with our clients.

Relaxing atmosphere at Niasoma Bodywork

Niasoma Bodywork is a center providing therapeutic massage to remedy chronic and acute soft tissue injuries, and to relieve stress related symptoms. We are therapeutic myomassologists, meaning we integrate multiple massage modalities (techniques) to provide a full approach to mind and body healthcare.

We designed our space to be warm and cozy, a place where you feel welcome to stay a while. Opting for comfortable armchairs and low light in place of standard lobby chairs and fluorescent overhead lights, we've created the perfect ambiance for relaxation from the moment you walk in.

Our space is filled with the aroma from a variety of essential oils, enveloping you in calming lavender, energizing tangerine, or rejuvenating peppermint. Follow the scent through the hallways right to our suite! 

You will never feel rushed in or out of our practice. Some massage studios only give you 50 minutes of massage when a 60 minute session is scheduled. At Niasoma Bodywork, if you are on time for your appointment, you will always receive your full session of bodywork. We do not include time for dressing or discussing focus areas and goals as session time.

Niasoma is a safe and pleasant space that you are welcome to enjoy before and after your session. Hydrate with fresh fruit-infused water, or choose from an assortment of teas. Have a quick glass of water, or sit and refocus before departing. 

The office is very inviting and well decorated. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by a warm atmosphere and friendly staff. They are very accommodating and clearly inquire and discuss any symptoms, pains, or ailments you are feeling before your session. Aromatherapy is offered which I believe aids in the relaxing atmosphere of the sessions.
— Charles M

Meet our Lead Therapist: Christina Minta 

Like our Facebook page and enter to win great prizes throughout 2017!!

Like our Facebook page and enter to win great prizes throughout 2017!!

We not only care for our community of clients, we also support our local community. Keep an eye on our social media to join us participating in giving back this year. If you have suggestions for a project, campaign, or volunteer opportunities that you think we may be interested in, send us the details!

Our clients mean the world to us, we wouldn’t be here without them! We offer various discounts to give back to our Niasoma Bodywork community:

  • Firefighters and Police always receive $10 off every session.
  • So you say it’s your Birthday!? Let us celebrate with you - receive $10 off one session during the month of your birthday. We’ll even remind you to schedule your birthday massage, so you’ll never miss the discount.
  • Referrals make the best compliments. When you refer a new client, you not only receive $10 off your next session, but also a raffle ticket to win great prizes throughout the year!
  • Our Treatment and Maintenance Promise offers you a discount for caring for your mind and body. Receive a $10 discount every time your session is within 30 days of your last appointment.

Follow our Facebook page for other discounts we’ll offer throughout the year for nurses, women business owners, veterans, and teachers!

$10 discounts are applied to sessions of an hour or longer. If your session is under an hour, you will receive $5 off.